Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yo P.B.C. What up with the Harvest De Ocho?

As for the Harvest De Ocho... Well it is sad to report that plans didn't really come together in time to pull of the stellar event we had in mind so.. the plan is to postpone this one till we can make it the level of event that I am proud to put my stamp on. Instead we are poaching other peoples events with some minor throw downs.

Well, First you can find us outside of the Wedge Party on Friday night for a Halloween Hell Derby at 10:00ish p.m. Seems like there should be a few people on bikes in one place drinking beer so why not have a derby. Prizes will be given (good ones) and bikes will be broken (maybe). Come join in the carnage and good times.

Second you will find some of the crew kicking it in Pisgah this weekend with the SORBA folks. There will be a Pisgah Brew Crew night ride taking place so if your there look for me and we will hit the trails for a Day of the Dead - Downhill of Death Ride that should scare the crap out of you. The action begins at dark-thirty at Cove Creek Campground. You have to be a member of SORBA (you should be anyways) to join in this one and register on their site to camp out so sign up and I will see you there.


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