Monday, October 13, 2008

Let me raise my glass...

And make a toast to the Asheville Bike Scene… “May you all ride bikes and enjoy them as you did when you were young”. As Asheville’s new bike crew, quasi-team, and race promoter I would like to say hello and if you are just finding the crew for the first time let me take a minute to tell you why we are here and what we are up to. First, I moved to Asheville in January of this year because this town has so many positive features. Of course if you ride bikes you are well aware of many of the things that brought me here, awesome riding on world class trails and roads. There are other reasons too but if you are as hooked on cycling as I am the other aspects of life in Asheville and Western NC are just bonuses.

As for what we are up to… Bikes, and beer you get that part and as for revolution well maybe that’s going a little far but I would like to see more people that are passionate about all things with two wheels and pedal powered coming together as one. I know it is a major task but it’s my hope that through some cool events we can make a community that likes riding bicycles and getting dirty in the woods come together more often. Basically, it's about strength in numbers and the more the merrier I guess. We also will also have great beer which just about everyone who likes riding mountain bikes can agree on. So look for us at the races, the weekend rides, events such as bike love and basically anything that we can squeeze in that has to do with riding on two wheels.


Jut Rut

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