Friday, October 17, 2008

We keep it rockin'

It's time for the P.B. Crew to step it up. Our sponsor has taken the number one spot in the "Best of Asheville" as the #1 Brewery in Asheville. This is the first time a brewery has beat out Highland Brewing Company for the top spot in years. Way to go guys, keep making the good stuff and I will keep drinking it.
In other news, EcoHouse, who I work for has been climbing the ranks as well. Our small boutique office has gone from 45th in production and market share to 15th in the course of one year. Not bad considering we have about 10 agents and we are going toe to toe with offices of 50 plus agents. So give it up for the little guy doing it the right way.
Speaking of the little guy doing something right, I want to welcome our newest sponsor S.EX or Suspension Experts as they are also know. Kevin and Phil will get your suspension set up and have it back to you with the quickness and you don't have to mess with sending it off and having it sit in a line of shocks at some manufactures headquarters. Also, it pays to have someone who will listen to you and set up a shock well suited for your riding style.

With so many good sponsors and hopefully one more good one to come the pressure is on for the Pisgah Brew Crew to climb our way to podiums across the country and prove once and for all that you can win the party and get on the podium the next day. As I have said before "you must live like a rock star if you want to ride like one". See you at the Double Dare. Be ready to rock.

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