Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Derby

This Halloween AOB (Asheville On Bikes) organized another Pumpkin Pedaller, where people who not only like to ride bikes, but like to ride them in costume, joined together to bike around town and up the steepest hill in town. The Pisgah Brew Crew was out, missing a killer Halloween Party at the Brewery, but representing in Asheville.. on bikes. Winner of Double Dare, Matt Fusco, rockin’ it as Evel Knievel, with me as Denny M*F*N Stevenson, brought up the rear as the official safety team. Again this year, we "sprinted" up and down Bueacatcher to the creepy Helen's Bridge where the costume contest took place. Among others, Adam Winton took home a prize for his effort—
After serious dispersion and eventual regrouping, we descended upon the Wedge Brewery, for beers, good times, and dancing with the Fire Cracker Jazz band. Eventually our derby was underway, in a gravel lot to make things more interesting. With a nice crowd of spectators, we had a double elimination, culminating in a final round between Adam Winton and Marshall Hance. Eventually Marshall, who never held back from pushing the derby to the limits, was the last to put a foot down and won the title.

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