Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did this really happen?

It seems like it's been several months since it all went down. It took the past month to catch up and finally do a write up on all the festivities. I started a new job on the Monday following the Enduro weekend and have put the pedal to the floor in a completely different direction ever since. So let me now go back to the the week leading up to the Enduro and remember the good ole' (yet hot days) where all I did was shovel jumps, hang out with the crew and ride my bike all day. Enduro Twenty-Ten did indeed happen this year and once again a small band of cyclist hit some of the finest trails in Pisgah and backyards tracks in Asheville. People stepped it up left and right (hell yea shanna!), good times were had, kittens were saved, and we learned that amazing things are possible on rollers at 3 in the morning.

Once again words are hard to come by and how to you begin to describe what took place over the week leading up to and the three days that the enduro took place. Either you were there or you were not and if you weren't then at least we took a few pictures of few events. I think we got some pretty good shots and these are a collection of ones that I have pulled from various people. Too much time lapsed to remember who shot what but big thanks to the people behind the camera and Jeff and Brian, you guys are welcome back anytime.

The Brew Crew have a few more up our sleeve this year and details have already hit the internet about two of them. If you missed us at the Enduro maybe you can come tubing with us. Or if you are a real badass...

Thanks to out main sponsors Pisgah Brewing and to Industy Nine for helping to make the Enduro happen. Big thanks to Caldwell and Jeff M. for the use of your amazing tracks and to Pisgah Forest for just being you. To all the volunteers that helped in the lead up to and weekend off you rock. Love.

Jut Rut

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