Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The End-uro is coming, are you ready?

Enduro Twenty-11 is coming October 8th-9th. Take off work, tell your significant other you're going to be busy for two days and come ride you bike harder than you ever have. All you single speed party boys and girls, endurance or gravity freaks who like to ride bikes all day (and night) are welcome to test your skills at the Enduro where it takes fitness, skills and some rock star training to make the top 5 of this event.

As you may know by now the Enduro offers roughly ten different events that test the skills of various dirt riding disciplines and a few others. Your limits will be pushed and you will leave a better rider in more ways than one. Most events push you in one aspect of riding, the Enduro provides a testing ground for your mountain biking strengths and weaknesses that is unlike any other mountain bike event I am aware of. For those not comfortable confronting the weaknesses in your bike game then you can still come out and shine in one or two events and feel like your fast. But, you will not have the honor of holding the title of the Most Bad Ass Mountain Biker in the World or the MBAMBW.

Additional information on this years events will be found here in the two weeks leading up to the event but you know the drill by now. Show up, ride and have fun. If you want to know more about the Enduro, check out some previous blog post and you'll have a good idea of what is about to go down.

Jut Rut

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