Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Heartbreaker got you down.. Well it's time to get up..

More snow fell yesterday in Asheville. We picked up several inches in town which probably means there is a new foot or two in the higher elevations. The decision to postpone the Heartbreaker Super, Super D once again has me looking for the next thing to get excited about and maybe you're thinking the same thing.

Well, look no further, the Bike Porn Film Festival is coming to Asheville and the Brew Crew are all about it. There is even going to be an Alleycat Race to kick things off.

We have all heard the stories about what negative effects cycling can have on your bedroom workouts. So we need to counteract those possible let downs with something to get you going.

After giving bikes and porn some thought I have come to the realization that riding bikes is a lot like S&M. Race promoters, jump builders and even your best friend often find great pleasure in making you suffer on a bicycle, damn Sadist. As bike addicts, we sign up for events like Double Dare, we feel compelled to chase down our friends when we feel like we are going to die, or push our limits on a new gap jump knowing we might end up in the Hospital. We know it’s going to hurt but we do it for pleasure that comes once the pain is gone, how masochist is that..

Well don’t expect too much pain from this alleycat (it’s all about pleasure really) but we are going to get crazy sexy for this one. Spring will hopefully be here soon and with it comes a deep instinctual desire to get down so here’s your chance to let it all hang out if you want.

The Bluelight Alleycat / poker run will kick off the Bike Porn Film Festival. The ride / race will start and end at the Kmart parking lot in West Asheville (the Bike Porn Film Fest takes place a block up the street at 9:00). The course will require you hit five checkpoints around West Asheville and Downtown, each checkpoint will provide some naughty good times. Various prizes will be awarded for fastest time, best dressed (male and female) and best poker hand for those that hit all five stops.

Bring five bucks, a bike, a helmet and an open mind. (we encourage you to practice safe riding and safe sex).

You will get a map with the checkpoints listed at the start of the event. Various checkpoints will provide you the opportunity to quench your thirst. Since this is a kick off to the bike porn event so dress appropriately (naughty).

Sponsored by the Pisgah Brew Crew, Pisgah Works and all those who like to get dirty.

The event details are here on Facebook. Try to let us know if you plan to show so we can plan appropriately.

As for the event to follow.. The Bike Porn Film Fest, will take place right up the street from the Kmart parking lot. It's five bucks, BYOB, and will offer a film, various performances, and a DJ dance party, woot woot. The event details for the film fest are simple.

Location: The Mothership 594 Emma Road.

Time: Door opens at 9 pm. Film at 10 pm.

Cost for the film and party: 5 bucks if you ride a bike, 7 bucks if you drive.

18 and over only.

More information about the film and tour can be found here. (May not be safe for work)

That's it for now..

Jut Rut

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