Friday, February 12, 2010

Hang up the bike and go Snowboarding..

Conditions suck for riding a bike above 5,000 ft. So the Heartbreaker is rescheduled for 2/28/2010. Same time, same trail, hopefully with less snow. Every bike addicted fool I know is bitching about the weather, and I am one of them..

Rather then bitch anymore. I took advantage of the horrible mountain biking conditions and rode a mountain in a way that made me happy it was winter in NC. Thanks Beech Mountain and Mother Nature for the best boarding conditions I have ever seen in Western NC. There will be plenty of time to ride this mountain on a bike later this year.

See you fools at the Heartbreaker on the 28th, I'll be carving turns on the slopes till then..

Jut Rut

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