Monday, February 8, 2010

Will you be Heartbroken on Valentines?

As of right now the Heartbreaker is in jeopardy of being rescheduled.. A week and a half ago myself and a crew of 8 checked it out and was stoked to find that the trail was in the best shape I have ever ridden it. That was of course the day before mother nature dumped another couple of inches of the snow on it, temps dropped and I am sure the snow and ice of the past weekend have dealt another blow to the superb conditions we experienced. Now I am not pulling the plug just yet but I do plan on checking it out this week and making a call by Friday night. The 10 day outlook looks ok but it doesn't look as though the temps are going to be melting too much snow in the higher elevations this week. Rather than shorten the course I would want to reschedule the race. The Heartbreaker is about feeling some pain both on the way up and the way down and to only race 3 miles or so just wouldn't be heartbreaking enough for a Jut Rut / Crow's Nest Production.

So hold tight. More news coming Friday..

Jut Rut

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PisgahWorks said...

Thinks it would be fitting to have the Heartbreaker cancelled. However, in true fashion of not letting Mother Nature get the best of Pisgah, I say we run it so long as it's not going to damage the trail. We're also thinking it changes the field. Denny's got something up his shin guard for this Ice Breaker.