Friday, March 26, 2010

Venue change and race schedule

Well, here is the latest...

A call from the promoter at 11:00pm the night before the event to announce the bike porn film festival is on at a new venue. Gotta love it when you're living on the edge..

The film will now be shown at

108 Montana Ave, Asheville 28806. The film starts at 9:30. I have been asked to mention to please ride a bike, parking is limited..

There still does not seem to be enough interest in the alleycat race to involve more volunteers than participants so I am going to hit the woods. I'll be at the clearing on top of Heartbreak Ridge at 2:00 tomorrow (Saturday 3/27) for the most impromptu Heartbreaker Race this area has ever witnessed or not.

Sorry for the late notice, it's been a weird couple of hours...

Justin and crew.

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revphil said...

thanks for all your sudzy contributions! bikeporn is rollin strong in NYC!