Wednesday, April 22, 2009

come hang with us this weekend.

The Brew Crew will be hanging at the Ag Center the weekend (April 25-26) making sure that Gearheads is nothing short of the best bike expo and gear sale to ever take place in the Asheville area.

Six months of planning and countless hours of work are coming to a close and rest assured that Jut Rut has topped himself.. The Enduro De Ocho was my introduction to the Asheville area and while it was a ton of fun it was not the event you would take home to your parents. Gearheads however, is one event that is all good times but still wears a button up shirt, is courteous and shows up on time. There are going to be some rad events taking place while killer deals take place ensuring that more people do more cool stuff. I myself will be looking for something with eight inches and if Gearheads makes a dime I will probably give in as a gift to myself for just breaking even.

It's only 4 Days till showtime. Get ready for something good. I can guarantee that you will not be able to say you didn't get your 5 bucks worth. Free massages, free contest such as bunny hop contest, dirt crit, kids mtn bike races and computrainers heats. Each of which if you win, you take home some gear of your choice. You can learn something useful from one of the many informative clinics or just get stoked as the best dirt jump builders and dirt jumpers in the area come together to throw down.

Yes, there are good deals and good times to be had. See you there. If you want to come and help out, know that there will be one hellava party for Volunteers on Sunday night sponsored by Pisgah Brewing of course.. CAN YOU SAY DIRT JUMP - DANCE PARTY at the AG CENTER!

Hell yea!

Jut Rut

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