Monday, May 18, 2009

More rain and racing..

The brew crew split up to cover some ground this weekend. Bruce and Shanna headed south to hit SSUSA. Bruce went down and showed several of the fastest guys in the country with one gear how to ride but in the end it was Asheville local and Brew Crew Racer Shanna Powell who brought home the belt to Asheville. Yes, the Pisgah Brew Crew's very own Shanna Powell is the offical SSUSA Champion! This only adds to the titles held by the Brew Crew racing team. MBAMBW, SSUSA Winner, Cougar Nationals Champion, and I am sure there are more. Props to Asheville local Ohio Rob for putting together the event and representing the belt for 2008-2009, the torch as been passed and I am sure we can find something to do with it.

The rest of the Crew stayed in town for some Bent Creek backyard racing this weekend. Brew Crew members Adam and Lela were kind enough to invite a ton of good party people over to their house to both celebrate Adams bday and their new pad. While they were at it, Adam decided to throw a little short track racing in for good measure. Just like the past few weeks of racing we got our fair share of rain, mud, and lighting. The Pisgah IPA made up for the lack of dry trails and helped keep the party side of the race going and a good time was had by all. And just to prove the everyone's a winner who comes out to race in less than favorable conditions the rain washed away all the times that had been written down during the event.

The Brew Crew is at it again and the Enduro is once again just lurking around the corner with a pocket full of candy and a sweet van ready to take you away for the weekend of June 13-14th. Check back in by the end of the week for some more details on how to get involved.



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