Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We're not gods, but we were everywhere at once this weekend.

We hit it all this weekend. I went south to warm temps and gravity fed mountain bike racing. Clemson Rocked! Those college kids aren't slacking when it comes to building some rad jumps, berms and putting together a trail that flows as good as the best of them. Perfect berms, 25 ft tabletops, step downs, creek gaps were all represented. And 104 racers came out to shed the nar as they say. It was my first downhill race and it was clearly evident by my style of pedaling to the top of the hill during my practice runs. I still pulled of a 7th out of 37 in the sport class but realized after looking at the results that each time you tap the brakes you are basically falling back a position. Chris Herndon showed everyone how to pedal off the wall and Ryan T when big pulling off the big table. I realized that you can case jumps and miss turns all day long in an endurance event and still kill it if you're in shape but downhill points out every little mistake you make. Next time I'll just run it brakeless like all the cool bmx kids. Brad O, who took the pics below, has a lot more sweet pics over on his blog if you like seeing people get high.

Bruce, Shanna, Marshal and our new wonderboy David Bishop made it to the xc party at Tsali and represented. Actually, I am not sure how they did since we haven't got to hang out since the weekend wrapped up but knowing the crew, they all rocked it out or died trying.

Beth had nearly every mechanical possible take place during the 6 hours of warrior creek race. A derailleur was sacrificed on lap one. On her second lap she broken a chain, then gashed her tire, then broke the valve stem. Guess it wasn't meant to be.. She raced with her mom and I know if they would have kept their bikes together those ladies would have blown some minds and bruised some egos.

Sunday it was off to Pisgah with my PMBAR partner for another classic Pisgah ride on a beautiful spring day. Still feeling the DH vibe I was jumping everything in sight and trying to lay of the brakes as much as possible. Beth got a taste for full suspension and speed and is now on the same twelve speed program I am on for xc riders who have gotten a taste for adrenaline.

In other news... The jerseys are in the mail. They will be hitting Asheville this week and we are planning on a throw down at the brewery on Friday night to hand out the goods to the crew and try to sell some of these so we can keep doing what we do. I will post up to set the time and to confirm that they will be on my doorstep by Friday afternoon so keep an eye on us and come pick up a jersey before they are all gone.

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