Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Icycle 2009

What a weekend! Fun times were had by most who got lucky enough to escape to Fontana Village for the annual Icycle Mountain Bike Event. Here we had team members representing in the single speed XC race, womens expert XC race, Hard Ass Class Downhill (no suspension), and expert women downhill. Sporting our new wool jerseys from Pisgah Works, light and responsive I-9 wheels, and a tasty keg of Pisgah Brown Ale, we were ready to go and represented well.

Second place Single Speed - Adam Winton.

Beth Roberts celebrating 3rd place with 2nd place Kylie Krauss (Expert XC)
Thanks to Morewood Bikes for the steaming spiced wine! and for shuttling peeps all day.

First place Hard Ass Class Night time down hill- Justin Mitchell ,
here with 2nd place Ryan Taylor.

Thanks to Greg Dunn for running shuttles Friday night and for just being one of the most genuinely cool dudes you will ever know.
Thanks to Marshall Hance for bringing trout and brisket...
Thanks to the Greenville Crew for round house party, next year we won't be so far away. Thanks to BradO for some of these pics.

See ya next year.


GenghisKhan said...

Hadn't heard of the IMBE--sounds like fun, especially the "Hard Ass Class" races; DH without suspension and DH in the dark? Who'd have thunk it!


PisgahWorks said...

I finished 1st in the single speed. What's a matter bitches you can't do 3 laps? The women do. I know you can't drink your beers. It's ok I drank those too. Then finished 2nd in the women's class. That Kylie chick was full on racin me. She didn't want to get beat by "That Guy". Too bad Chika.