Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snake Creek and Heartbreak

The Brew Crew when down and rocked it in the rocks last weekend at Snake Creek Gap #2. Beth killed it and is tied for the big 1st place in her cat. Bruce, well Bruce always has a good time no matter what time he finishes. Marshall destroyed a seat post 4 miles in and rode the next 13 miles standing up, found a seat post at the halfway point and still managed a 3:17! Shanna "Endless Smiles" Powell stepped it up and pulled of a 4:31 on her rigid single speed, must be the cogs. We brought a mini keg of Pisgah's Finest Pale Ale that lasted all of twenty minutes and had a blast hanging with quality people that a race like the Snake brings out. Apparently we didn't get enough riding so we hit Raccoon Mtn on Sunday for a fast two hour ride on some sweeeet trails with none other than our awesome tour guide Jamie Pills and some cool folks from the North.

Well, Snake Creek didn't break our hearts, it only inspired us to take it further. This weekend is going to ROCK. If you're in the know then you know.. Hope to see you in Old Fort on Saturday morning. If you can't make it to the mountain then at least join us for a pint or four at the after party. A few more updates may be hitting this site soon so stay in the loop.


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