Sunday, February 15, 2009

What time is it?

0:21: Ryan Taylor
0:21: Matt Johnson
0:21:00 Park Baker
0:22:30 Jake Thompson
0:22:34 John Sarver
0:23:30 Jut Rut
0:23:47 Pisgah Works Denny
0:23:59 Jody Flemming
0:24:00 Adam Winton
0:24:18 Pat Wonderboy Milky
0:24:56 Ian Baldwin
0:25:24 John M. Roberts
0:25:30 Gary Maltby
0:25:36 Kevin Booth
0:25:45 Mike Calhoun
0:26:45 Mike Brown
0:27:09 Phil Shaw
0:27:17 Chris Ivory
0:27:45 Calum Robertson
0:29:00 Kylie Krauss
0:30:11 Johnathan LaRoy
0:39:00 Keith Thompson


beth said...

Bruce passed Phil, so this IS right. Sorry to toy with so many emotions yesterday...

Jody said...

Thanks guys, too much fun! Best race course ever with a ton of good peeps.

I'm amazed how fast we all got down that thing. All that climbing for 23:59 of mainlining fun, adrenaline and pain. Let's do it again next weekend.

PisgahWorks said...

Thanks for all the pics ladies, helping out, and representing. Thanks to all who attended. You made this happen. Thanks to Craig and Assoc for all the food. Thanks to Suspension Experts for the round of beers and great service. Thank you Pisgah Brewing, Jut & Betsy.

Butch Greene said...

FYI, I would have attended had it not been Valentines Day. Don't know what you other married guys did to keep the missus happy. Arrrghhh!

Hah hah. Next time, different date please?

PisgahWorks said...

Yeah, we'll change the name too Butch. Anything else for the missus?
Bike Love Saturday. Bring Your Date.