Monday, February 6, 2012

It's back.

The Heartbreaker is on.

Feb. 12th. 19th,  9:30am at Andrew's Geyser.

It's going to be fun and that's all you really need to know.



Gerry Creighton said...

Can you hook up the EastCoast Super D page with some more info on this?

I know the race is tomorrow but it might help get some more people aware if you post in the group. Thanks guys!

cableguy46 said...

Yes please post up info, I just might want to drive down for it....thanks.


Jut Rut said...

Gerry and cableguy. It's not a permitted race it's an event. Free entry, no prizes, but expect great times, a sick trail and hang with many of Asheville's finest for the day then head over to Pisgah Brewing for some amazing beer after the event. I encourage anyone to come out but don't expect expert timing devices or EMS services. You can go as fast as you want down the mountain but the number one rule is to have a good time.