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The last few weeks have been a blur of good times, colorful rodo tunnels and dead leaf drift. If you like to shread then you know there is a point in your ride when you are going so fast that all you can think about is what is right in front of you. Well, that's how life has been lately. Ride, ride, work, work, party, then repeat. There has been no shortage of good times and trails lately and if I were more diligent about updating this blog you would have detailed descriptions of the Skank 69, Paris Mountain DH race, Windrock Festival, The Pumpkin Peddaler, Nightmare on Shaft Street, The Swank 65 Pre and Post parties but instead I have been living in the moment and going from one amazing event to another.

Documenting the good times, takes time. But I do it because one day I will be to old to burn it at both ends like I do now. The housing market will rally and my schedule will be filled with more adult obligations and I will be unable to fathom having this much free time. So as a reminder to myself during those times and to remind myself where the month of October 2009 went I figured I should touch on few highlights from the last four weeks.

The Skank 69 rocked and rolled through Pisgah for three days. Festive people on bikes, a keg of beer and some amazing ladies made for three days that I will not soon forget. The lovely ladies of the Pisgah Brew Crew stepped up and designed a ride/party that would take us from Downtown Asheville to other side of Brevard utilzing 95% single track over the course of three days. The car shuttle was carefully planned out, food was ready when we reached camp each day and there was a cold keg of Pisgah Pale Ale ready to help us rehydrate. The ride went something like this..

Downtown Asheville >151 > Bent Creek neighborhood trails > Ingles Field > 5 Points > Lower Sidehill > Upper Sidehill > 5000 > Parkway > Trace > Spencer Branch > Big Creek > Sassafras > Laurel > Yellow Gap > Bradly Creek > Squirrel > Buckhorn > Buckwheat > Club > Cove Creek > Longbranch > Butter > Cat Gap > Davidson River > Cove Creek > Daniels Ridge.

Of course I left out a lot of the trails there were necessary to do a ride of this fashion but this is all from memory and you get the idea. We covered some ground and didn't set foot in a car or a shower for three days. We ate like kings / queens and drank only the finest beer. Men wore skirts and the ladies looked their skankiest. Thanks to Beth, Laura, Kyley C, and Shanna for all the good times and the laughs and to everyone else who came out to play with the crew. Also, a big thanks to our sponsors for the sweet wheels that kept us rolling smooth for three days of rocks and roots and the beers that smoothed the aches and pains from three days of beating up my body.

After three days of riding up mountains it's was time to get down and take advantage of a thing called gravity. Downhill is alive and well in two places most people would not think of when they are wondering where to put big bikes to the test.

Paris Mountain was one of the first rides for me back on the DH bike. Not feeling overly confident on a bike with a 1,000 moving parts I decided to hit Paris for some practice then help out with the race on Sunday. Friday's festivities offered shuttles, big wheels for big kids, a bad ass party and late night bonfire in the rain. I got in about 16 shuttle runs (photo above brado), drank free beer at Barleys with over 100 DH dudes and ladies, had a sick big wheel session thanks to Micheal Mooney on a painted parking deck where I learned how to do 360 degree drifts on a big wheel, and hung out in the rain for the best late night bonfire that never should have happened. Thanks to the Tomato, Brad O (get well dude), and Big J for all the hospitality and good times. You guys know how to throw one bad ass event. See you boys next year with a number plate on my bars..

The next week offer yet another feast of adrenaline. The Knoxville boys threw quite a party at Wind Rock. You can't find a better testing ground for a DH bike or body armor in the Southeast. Hugh descents, big rocks, and easy shuttling make for a long day of going downhill fast. T Gaines got the event sponsored by a brewery and Tyson so the tall boys and burgers were on the house. Big props for putting the event together boys, see you again this weekend..

windrock photos by TGaines.

On to my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween. This year I spent the better part of two weekends in Costume thanks to the Pumpkin Peddler, Nightmare on Shaft Street and Pretty Lights at the Orange Peel. Dr Phil Goode (seen above - photo cred Zimmerman) kept the party going and dispersed his elixirs and baked goods to many people who were getting ill. Si and Becky's was amazing as always. Dancing till 3am, jello shots, and some great costumes wow! Hugh props to Asheville on Bikes! The Pumpkin Peddler was a major success and not even the cold rains could dampen the spirit of the ride or the late night outdoor dance party. Doctor Phil Goode and the Jambalance where there to warm people up with some good medicine and the Jambalance won the best bike costume. Pretty Lights won the best dance party of the year (and that's saying a lot!). Damn, it was fun but I am glad Halloween only comes once a year.

After a week of rest it was time for the Swank 65. Unfortunately I had to work on the day of the race but I did get to ride and party with some of the regions finest bike peeps during the course of the weekend. Beth Roberts invited a few dozen people to party and camp at her pad in Pisgah Forest for a weekend and Pisgah Brewing sponsored the good times with keg of Pale Ale. The Farlow preride put some of my favorite people on one of my favorite trails and for the party post ride at BC we hit more trails just because we could. The weekend at Beth's was awesome and her house was packed with good bike peeps, musicians, and racer types all weekend. Big props to our Brew Crew rider Shanna P who took home a third place women's finish in a tutu on a Single Speed. You freaking rock!

So that wraps up the past four weeks. Now it's time to take it on the road once more with a trip to Knoxville for the "Brew Race" on Friday night then for big bike radness at Windrock on Saturday. And since I am still young enough to burn it at both ends I will be back in Asheville just in time to get ready for "Fuck it, Fry it" on Sunday afternoon.

Life is short. Ride it, fry it.


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