Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If rock stars raced bicycles..

This is how it started..

This is how it ended..

In between partying to the point that we were burning money on Friday night and jumping 3,000 dollar bikes into a pond on Sunday we covered ALOT of ground. We rode our bikes as though we were rock stars for two days for nothing more than a t-shirt for the winner and the title of MBAMBW. To me, the Enduro is what riding bikes is all about, hanging out with your friends, making new ones, testing your comfort zone, forgeting about all of life's worries and getting rad time after time. Here is the quick run down of events..

Saturday's events - XC race at Kitsuma > dirt jumps, skinnies, speed trials, pump track time trial, wheelie contest at I9 > night time pumptrack time trial at Kenelworth > nighttime dodge ball Monford Park> derby on Flint St> dance party till 4:30 am at the bike house.

After 3.5 hours of sleep it was once again time to rally. Sunday we met up at N. Mills for a crushing hill climb XC race up Trace Ridge > Downhill time trial Spencer > then it was on to camp Caldwell for the final events, Short Track Downhill race and then the finale, Lake jumping.

It took me a day just to recover enough to get this post up. My body still feels the effects of the weekend (as it should) and even though I gave it my all it was Atlanta's very own Eric Nicoletti that is now officially the Most Bad Ass Mountain Biker in the World. It was great to pass the MBAMBW title to someone who not only rode his bike with stamina, style, and speed all weekend but also who was still on the dance floor at 4 am AND had the courage to bring his wife who is 7 months pregnant, his son who was 5 years old and his wife's friend who had no idea what to expect and stay at the flint street house where we were bumping hip hop till 4:30 am. For all you boys who didn't show because you had some excuse, well, you should take a lesson from Eric. My boy lives it and I could not feel better about handing the title off to someone of his caliber. Just so you know I still made the podium and picked up a third place. Adam Winton, took second beating me be by only two points. Final results and some amazing photos will be on the Brew Crew Blog in the next day or two for each event.

Overall the weekend could not have been better, with all recklessness that took place only three people got hurt to the point they could not continue, and no injuries were serious enough to make a trip to the hospital. We were also very pleased that no one went to jail as bailing someone out on Sunday morning would have increased the 20.00 race donation considerably.

Big thanks to our sponsors Pisgah Brewing for the keg and to Industry Nine for the pimp wheels and letting us take over the facilities on Sunday. Jeff Moreadith and John & Nichole Caldwell were incredible hosts and I thank them for allowing us the use of their properties to make my ideas come to life. To all the people who cooked awesome food, timed the races, helped with scoring, took amazing photos, drove several hours to ride all weekend or just hung out and contributed to the good vibes of the weekend I thank you all! This event could not and would not happen without all the wonderful people who came out to play and are a part of an incredible bike scene.

Rock on..

Jut Rut

photo credit goes to Bryan Bloebaum, he rocks..

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